The History of Strings with Benefits

Lisa Cyckowski.png

Meet Lisa

I was the kid that spent hours on the cover of a book report & fifteen minutes actually writing about the book. I was the kid that kept herself distracted in doodles that captured my imagination. Some girls went to ballet or ice skating lessons. Some were mad for dress-up, make-up, boys and love songs. A blank sheet of paper is what did it for me! And still does!

My Passion for Good

The satisfaction, peace & pleasure I experience while creating keeps me grounded, light-hearted & real. I am a self-taught artist. I’m continually surprised, delighted when lines, like little miracles, take on a life of their own. They turn, twist, and wriggle themselves into being. They become contributing characters that express themselves in ways we all might be able to relate to.

These characters are my friends, partners in creating, my champions. They reassure as I manage my own encounters with depression. I wish everyone could find themselves a friend as I have. I believe they can. All that’s needed is a blank sheet of paper & a pencil! And then, my artwork gets to be friends with your artwork!

Art For a Cause

I’m passionate about spreading mental health awareness and look for ways to help others through their personal struggles. For every piece of art sold, I donate a portion of the proceeds to support mental wellness initiatives. Donations are made to, the Lyons Veterans Hospital, and the National Alliance on Mental Illnesses.